See how our employees are doing their part to keep each other safe

At Kinross, we continue to encourage our employees to implement best practices measures into their day-to-day tasks to prevent and mitigate COVID-19, including practicing physical distancing and hygienic practices.  

Check out how our employees are keeping themselves, their families and their coworkers safe:

In Chile, employees practice physical distancing by holding their morning roundup meeting outside
At Chirano, an employee begins his work day by sanitizing his hands
At Tasiast, an employee has his temperature taken prior to starting his shift
At Tasiast, employees practice physical distancing by keeping apart in the cafeteria
At Paracatu, employees practice physical distancing while waiting in line for lunch
At Round Mountain, employees at the general store funded by Kinross have implemented protective shields to separate themselves from customers. As the only grocery store within 50 miles of the mine and community, the employees have worked long hours in order to provide the community with vital supplies during the past few weeks
At Fort Knox, a Plexiglas shield has been placed infront of the maintenance warehouse in order to allow for protection where physical distancing may not be possible
At Bald Mountain, an employee washes his hands with soap and water prior to starting his shift

“We would like to extend a big thank you to all employees across our global operations who are constantly modifying their day-to-day routine to keep health and safety as their top priority,” said Ed Opitz, Vice-President, Safety and Sustainability . “We will continue to work together to help stop the spread of the virus and protect the health and well-being of our people.”