Silver Winner: Darya Sudakova, Safety Engineer, Pevek

Silver Winner:
Darya Sudakova, 
Safety Engineer, Pevek

Darya joined Kinross in 2017 as a Safety Engineer at Pevek and was quickly recognized for her knowledge, professionalism, and ability to find outside-the-box solutions to make the site operate more safely and efficiently.

In a short time, Darya developed two critical health and safety guidelines regarding potentially ‘hazardous’ facilities, including an “Industrial Policy for Safety” and a “Supervision for Safety Compliance” document, both of which aim to enhance overall safety protocols at Pevek.

“Darya joined our team and quickly learned the policies, guidelines and most importantly our culture of safety,” says a colleague. “She has reinforced our safety culture by improving areas of the operation where she finds gaps to ensure we all make it home safely each day.”

As an example, Darya took time to review and adjust the standard PPE’s for employees, and modified them to become specific to Pevek. This resulted in increased operational safety and cost savings for the company.

Darya also contributed to the site’s risk assessment matrix and helped integrate the findings into improved work processes. She regularly monitors the safety performance matrix and ensures employee’s compliance with PPE policies.

“Since she arrived at Kinross, Darya has been especially focused on improving the safety guidelines across our operation,” said a colleague. “She has become an essential member of our team that helps us operate safely and more efficiently.”

Darya hard at work

Darya upon receiving her LOVA award