Silver winner: Greg Chapin, NDT Technician, Fort Knox

Greg Chapin, NDT Technician, Fort Knox

Greg joined Kinross in 1995 in the Mobile Equipment Maintenance department and has gained varied experience at the Company working as a fueler, shovel mechanic, relief shifter and MEM trainer, and in 2012, he joined the non-destructive testing (NDT) group as a technician.

In 2009, Greg became closely involved with the See it, Own it, Solve it (SOS) program at Fort Knox – an employee-executed safety program – based on his thorough understanding of best practices at the operation. Greg plays an instrumental role in advocating for the program and became his department’s SOS lead. He is known to regularly bring his colleagues together over meals he prepares, where he talks with them about safety and encourages them to fill out SOS cards.  

The SOS program provides incentivized compensation to employees when they identify potential safety hazards and improvements. As the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact local communities, Greg and his colleague Mat Doherty, MEM Mechanic, Fort Knox, suggested their colleagues pull together their earnings from the program to donate to the local food bank. The program generated significant returns and inspired other departments do donate their SOS earnings to foodbanks – resulting in over US$2,300 being donated to less fortunate families during the pandemic.    

Aside from Greg’s efforts during the pandemic, he is known in the community for his generosity. An avid outdoorsman, he donates fish and game meat to less fortunate members of the community and even keeps a spare room in his house and RV in the event someone needs a place to stay.

“Greg always has a good morale and advocates for the importance of teamwork and health and safety,” said Ethan Dabney, Asset Management Analyst, Toronto (and former NDT technician at Fort Knox). “His positive attitude is infectious and makes for a productive workforce with a commitment to safety.”