Silver Winner: Jon Jensen – Kettle River-Buckhorn

Jon Jensen, Mill Maintenance Foreman, Kettle River-Buckhorn

Jon is known as a ‘good neighbour’ both at work and in the community around Kettle River-Buckhorn.

Jon joined Kinross in 2003 and since day one, he has always been the type of employee that exceeds expectations by remaining focused and level-headed while making difficult decisions.

His levelheadedness, even in difficult times, was put to the test last summer. In 2015, when wild fires threatened Republic, the nearest town to the Kettle River mine, Jon worked tirelessly on the front lines as a volunteer firefighter to help fight off the 850 sq. km blaze that came within five kilometres of the town. He immediately got to work and knowingly put himself in harm’s way to keep the community safe.

Another example of Jon’s commitment to people is when he managed the construction and installation of a monument in Republic. The monument represents the 2.6 million ounces of gold poured at Kettle River-Buckhorn, the other historical mines in the area, and the community’s proud 111-year mining history. Due to Jon and his team’s hard work, it was even completed ahead of schedule!

At work, Jon is jack-of-all-trades. He can step in and solve a plumbing issue at site, and in another situation, he can resolve an issue at the mill. His colleagues say that Jon is always thinking ahead.

“The gears are always turning, even when faced with multiple tasks, he will not stop until he finds the best approach to a situation,” said Cindy Jones, Mill Superintendent, Kettle River-Buckhorn.

Jon (third from the right) volunteer firefighting with Kettle River-Buckhorn colleagues during the Washington state fire

The monument built by Jon and his team in the City of Republic


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