Silver Winner: Jose Gomes da Silva, Mobile Equipment Operator, Paracatu

Silver Winner:
Jose Gomes da Silva,
Mobile Equipment Operator, Paracatu

Jose has worked at Paracatu since 1991 and is known by his colleagues as a dedicated and responsible employee who exemplifies professionalism.

As the longest serving operator on his team, Jose’s wisdom and experience make him a mentor to young and new employees. When new employees join the team, Jose takes it upon himself to make sure they are welcomed and integrated.

“Jose has great expertise and confidence in his work, but yet he remains humble, particularly with new employees,” said Luciano Martins, Mine Supervisor, Paracatu. “His nickname is ‘Padrinho’ which translates to the ‘great father’ due to the support, mentorship and learning opportunities he provides to his teammates.”

Jose’s first priority is safety and his goal is to ensure all his team members make it home without incident, leaning on his experience to mitigate risks and potential hazards.

“Having a teammate like Jose makes us feel safe each day we go into work. His experience and desire to train and mentor his peers creates a better work environment at Paracatu,” said a colleague. “Jose is committed to a productive workforce, but his main focus is keeping everyone on his team safe.”

Jose’s work ethic and dedication to keeping his colleagues safe reiterates his commitment to Putting People First. 

After 27 years with the Company, ‘Padrinho’ will be retiring in December 2018.

Jose in the community at a tree planting festival

Jose is captured with mobile equipment operators on site (third from left)

Jose receives his award from Gilberto Azevedo, Vice-President and General Manager, Paracatu, via webcam 

A celebration! The Paracatu team comes together for Jose’s LOVA acceptance ceremony