Silver Winner: Keith Abergel, Manager, Corporate Development, Toronto

Silver Winner:
Keith Abergel,
 Manager, Corporate Development, Toronto 

Keith has been a valuable member of Kinross’ Corporate Development team since 2016. Part of his role includes managing the corporate model, which analyzes key financial implications, how they impact the Company, and ways to find efficiencies.

In 2018, Keith took on the task of reviewing and renegotiating contracts from various service providers across the Company, finding several opportunities to switch providers and gain more resources at a lower cost. This saved the Company approximately $1.1 million for the year, positively impacting cash flow.

“Keith is always going above and beyond his day-to-day tasks to find efficiencies so we can do more with less,” says a colleague. “He is always willing to take on new projects that will expand his knowledge and benefit the Company.”

Keith is a mining engineer with an investment banking background, giving him a deep understanding of the technical and financial aspects of the mining industry, and making him an essential member of the Corporate Development team.

Keith works with colleagues from the Corporate Development team

Keith works through a problem with a colleague