Silver Winner: Tatyana Tsypolovich, HR Lead, Dvoinoye

Silver Winner:
Tatyana Tsypolovich, 
HR Lead, Dvoinoye 

Tatyana has worked at Kinross for over 20 years and is currently the Human Resources Lead at Dvoinoye.

Over the last 10 years at Kinross, Tatyana has undertaken significant effort toward developing our partnerships with Indigenous communities in the Chukotka region, specifically fostering social and educational programs and initiatives.

One of her recent projects was creating the exhibition booth ‘Our Land’ at Dvoinoye, which seeks to educate and champion Indigenous culture in the region.

Tatyana also advocates for the Women in Mining organization and acts as a mentor to young female employees through our internship programs at Dvoinoye. She educates women on various areas of the operation and ways to excel in their career path, helping them successfully integrate into their teams.

“Tatyana is an intelligent, approachable, caring employee who seeks to empower those around her,” said a colleague. “She has the ability to commend employees and motivate them to be the best they can be.”

Due to her strong service, Tatyana received an award from the Governor and Government of the Chukotsky Autonomous Okrug region for her impeccable service and contributions made to the region’s gold mining industry.

“We are very lucky to have a colleague that represents our values and is dedicated to developing and supporting the communities surrounding us,” said a colleague. “I cannot think of someone more deserving of the award Outstanding Corporate Citizenship.”

Tatyana with the ‘Our Land’ booth she helped developed at Dvoinoye

Tatyana works with colleagues in the field