Starting in South America: Generation Gold Felipe Leite de Sousa

Generation Gold – launched by Kinross in 2007 – is one of the most successful recruiting and retention initiatives in the global gold industry. In this series, we profile our “Gen Gold” employees and learn about their experience in this leadership development program.

Meet Felipe Leite de Sousa, a graduate from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais who just completed his second year of the program. Felipe started the Generation Gold program in August 2012, working next to his hometown in Belo Horizonte at our Paracatu mine, and Maricunga. Read about his budding mining career in South America, and where it will take him next. 

Felipe Leite de Sousa (Mechanical Engineer, Plant Operations and Maintenance) in front of the grinding plant at Paracatu.