Tasiast celebrates Ramadan with the local community

Employees from Kinross Tasiast attended a celebration to mark the first day of Ramadan with the local community of Dawas during one of the most important cultural and religious events of the year.

Dawas is an important community partner for Tasiast. As part of an ongoing relationship, Tasiast has partnered with the Dawas Co-operative for Development to provide training in organizational skills, literacy and numeracy to 35 local residents. The co-operative has won contracts to provide maintenance services at Tasiast and to run a regular transportation service for local community members to travel to Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, at no cost.

“Having Kinross employees with us on this important day as we break the fast for the first time during Ramadan re-affirms the importance of our relationship. We are also grateful for the donation of food, especially after a difficult year due to the drought,” said Dawas resident, co-operative member and Tasiast employee Mohamed Ely Salem, Bus Driver, who was chosen by his neighbours to speak on their behalf.

This was the second year that Kinross provided food traditionally eaten during Ramadan such as dates, sugar, milk powder and potatoes.

 Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is observed by Muslims worldwide. The tradition involves fasting every day during daylight hours. In order to accommodate time to break the fast, Tasiast adjusts work hours for those who celebrate Ramadan.

Tasiast employees on their way from work to Dawas from left to right: Dahi Abdellahi, Mining; Brahim Yacoub, Government Relations; Mohamed Sid Ahmed, Human Resources; Mohamed Oumar, Human Resources; Cheikh Abdellahi Haiballa, Mining; Mohamed Ould Cheikh, Training; Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Lemine, Environment; Mohamed Lamine Rabani, People Mobility; Elhacen Alaly, Human Resources; Mohamed Khattar, Community Relations; Cheikhna Ahmed Cheine, Security; Sidi Mohamed Mohamed Vall, Health and Safety

Mohamed Khattar, Community Relations, with Dawas resident Bouh Ould Kheiry right after the Kinross food delivery arrived

Members of the Dawas community moments before breaking the fast