Tasiast supports health centre in town located near site

Tasiast recently donated approximately $80,000 in medical and sanitation equipment to a health centre in Chami, a town located near the mine.

The donation includes a fully equipped ambulance, electrocardiogram, beds, trolleys and medication.

A public ceremony was held to mark the donations, with the Mayor of Chami and Kinross Tasiast representatives, including Lauren Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, in attendance.

“We are proud to supply the people of Chami with donations to improve their health and living conditions. Our goal at Tasiast is to ensure our mining activities provide real benefits to our host communities,” said Daniel Marini, Vice-President and General Manager, Tasiast, who was also at the ceremony.

These donations are a part of a larger three-year program that is expected to support the development of the town of Chami. Projects include financing the development of public facilities such as a fish market, ice plant, and public squares.

Tasiast also announced that it will provide support to the local Imraguen festival – a cultural event that draws attention to the native Imraguen fishermen in Chami. The festival will be held at the end of October.

Tasiast makes a donation to the Imraguen Festival. Lauren Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, second from the right.  

Tasiast representatives during the ceremony. From left to right, Daniel Marini, General Manager, Tasiast, Amar Vall Maouloud, Senior Security Supervisor, Ismael Hassana, Human Resource and Community Relations Director, Brahim Yacoub, Community and Government Relations Manager, Hamadi Brahim, Adminsitrative Assistant.