Tasiast uses creative games to develop leadership skills

Tasiast is using creativity to encourage active learning to develop its leaders. The site organized a year-long leadership training program with 64 Supervisors from different departments representing the entire mine.

The inter-disciplinary program included in-class training, workshops, on-the-job coaching sessions and activities. Over the year, live games and tasks got the team thinking about their own leadership and communications skills.

To demonstrate the need for openness, flexibility and the acceptance of change at work, activities like a maze game was used. Participants took turns trying to carve the right way out by guessing which square to step on next. After the first few people began down the same path, others followed and didn’t deviate from it or consider re-drawing the steps. The instructor then revealed other pathways to navigate the maze that the group didn’t see at first.

The end goal of the training was to encourage new ideas, effectively manage teams and to communicate clearly.

The program culminated with a ceremony led by Raitt Marshall, Vice-President and General Manager, Tasiast. “This leadership training program is about developing local talent and helping them grow and develop to help them to perform their job in a more efficient way,” said Raitt.

“I found the training to be very insightful and it allowed me to gain new skills that will help me in my role. I am very grateful that management gave us this opportunity to develop and better manage our teams,” said Sidi Mohamed Taleb, Health and Safety Lead.

Graduates of the leadership training program with Raitt Marshall, Vice-President and General Manager of Tasiast (centre in the red shirt) 

Raitt Marshall with Sidi Mohamed Taleb, Health and Safety Lead, Tasiast, receiving his certificate of completion