Throughout the Americas

What mine sites have you worked at Kinross?

In my first year, I worked at La Coipa in the Electrical Maintenance Department. Following that, I worked at Fort Knox as a Project and Mechanical Engineer for the Technical Services Department. At Paracatu, I worked as the 4th Ball Mill Project Engineer and Commissioning Manager. For my final year, I worked as a Senior Analyst for the Operations Excellence Department in the Toronto corporate office.

I had quite the diverse experience throughout the program. With each rotation, I had to learn and adapt to new work environments. It’s been great to be able to apply best practices from each site to my current position at Maricunga.

Laci Dias Junior (4th Ball Mill Project Department head) and Isabel Espinoza (Project Engineer) with the first shell piece of the 4th ball mill at Paracatu in February 2012.