Tourists take refuge at La Coipa camp after mudslides

The area around La Coipa, which is situated in the Chilean Andes (about 15,000 feet above sea level), was hit by mudslides at the end of January from excessive rainfall.

Thirty stranded tourists from Argentina took refuge at the La Coipa camp for the night as a group of employees at the project quickly got to work trying to re-open the roads with the large mining equipment.

“The roads completely washed away in a matter of seconds from the mudslides,” said Juan Catalan, Communications, Copiapó. “However, our clear security protocol and emergency procedures helped us get right to work and band together to rebuild the routes again. The small team at site worked through the night to make the roads passable the next day.”

Aftermath of the mudslides near La Coipa

The road washed out from the mudslides