Up Close and Personal with Chukotka wildlife

Your photographs are quite close to the wildlife near the mine site. What is your strategy for shooting them?

Animal photography is similar to hunting in many ways. Essentially, the same hunting instincts work here. When I take pictures of animals, I don’t use a powerful lens intended for long distances. I try to get as close as possible to the animal without creating a sense of danger. Some animals aren’t afraid of humans and will sit for a picture, while others will maintain a distance.

Aren’t you afraid to get close to wild animals?

Not all wild animals are dangerous. At the same time, I certainly take safety precautions and assess the animal’s behaviour before putting myself at risk. Since many animals won’t let humans approach them, I sometimes have to  stay hidden for a long time just to take a few images, even when it’s freezing or raining. In the end, the wait is worth it. A good picture is like a hunter’s trophy.