Video: Building a safety culture at Round Mountain

Watch this video about how we are building a safety culture at Round Mountain.

Safety is ingrained in every aspect of how Round Mountain operates. For the second year in a row, it has been named the ‘Safest Large Surface Mine in Nevada’ by the Nevada Mining Association.

“Being safe takes all of us – not just one person,” said Roy Long, Maintenance, Round Mountain. “Everyone has a voice. From the newest employee to the worker that’s been here the longest, all employees have the same voice in making sure that work is done safely.”

To train employees about safety, the site has a Permit to Work program that starts in the classroom, but focuses on hands-on work in the field.

Another example of the site’s commitment to safety is its emergency response team made of 28 individuals who are trained to respond to mine related injuries and other local emergencies. With the closest hospital 290 kilometres away, it is an essential part of the mine and the community.

“It (safety) has to be part of your work culture – that way people feel safe asking questions or bringing concerns forward,” said Caleb Trease, Senior Safety Specialist, and 2016 silver LOVA winner for ‘Putting People First’.

Learn more about Round Mountain’s safety success in the newly released 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report.