Video: Chilean mudslides and Kinross community rescue efforts

Kinross Chile’s latest ‘Proud to Be a Miner’ video has debuted on their YouTube channel. Watch it here.

The video captures extraordinary images of mudslides around Maricunga that blocked roads as well as the efforts by the Kinross team to clear new roads to get people to safety after the extreme weather in March.

Cristian Marin, Roads Supervisor, Maricunga talks about the challenges that they faced. “It was extremely difficult and took a long time to clear the roads, even with our heavy machinery. We first delivered water and food, and then began to coordinate the rescue of children, women and sick people by helicopter.”

Juan Catalán Figueroa, Communications, who directed the video said: “despite adversity, we are now stronger.”

Helicopters brought those who were ill to the hospital

Mudslides destroyed roads

Machinery from the site was used to create new roads