Video: Paracatu conducts hand safety simulation

Paracatu recently challenged employees to take part in a hand simulation exercise to raise awareness of workplace hazards associated with hand injuries.

Employees were asked to immobilize one of their hands to simulate the loss of a hand, finger or forearm. They were then asked to perform their daily routine with the limitations created by the simulation.

Watch this video to see the results.

“The hand safety simulation taught me a lot about the importance of taking care of my hands and the challenges that can come from careless actions,” said Maxciel Gonçalves da Silva, Mechanic, Paracatu. “My biggest take away from this simulation is to ensure we perform each task as if it was our first time doing it in order to prevent workplace accidents.”

“The hand safety simulation is one of numerous campaigns we have done at Paracatu to teach our employees the importance of working safely,” said Marcio Lopes, Senior Technical Security Worker, Paracatu. “Our goal is for employees to see the challenges that result from hand injuries, and to ensure that each task is done safely and properly to prevent life-altering injuries.”

An employee uses the computer with only his left hand

An employee attempts to put on his glove with one hand