West Dedicated Pad Optimization

The West Dedicated Pad Optimization team faced a big challenge: find a way to eliminate the need for an entirely new leach pad by optimizing the capacity of Round Mountain’s largest existing leach pad.

Since its formation in 2013, the team has made major progress towards increasing the stacking and leaching capability of the existing West Dedicated Pad.. The new stacking plan increases the pad’s capacity by over 15 million tons, which has resulted in reduced capital spending of US $25 million in 2014.

This collaborative effort also included the construction of a new access ramp that optimizes haul times from the pit to the pad. In addition, an improved leach pad liner arrangement was installed that will allow leaching of the South Apron area. This area of the pad had not been leached successfully in the past due to inadequate solution control.

In 2014, the team will continue to implement financially rigorous improvements, impacts requiring minimal capital spending, and focus on modifications to existing infrastructure. This includes improvements to the process solution delivery system, additional side sloping of the pad, and continued optimization of leaching the pad.

 Newly-optimized West Dedicated Pad.

Newly-optimized West Dedicated Pad.

South apron pad liner improvements.