Young Leaders School Students Gain Hands-On Experience at Dvoinoye

As part of Kinross Russia’s sponsorship of the Young Leaders School, the Dvoinoye management team invited students from Pevek to the mine site in March 2014. The visit included three days of intensive work focused on learning the operations, touring every department on site, speaking with department heads, and observing and/or participating in work activities (if deemed safe and possible).

On the final day, the human resources (HR) team developed and delivered a personal development training program on mastering communication skills. Led by Katerina Zhukova (Acting HR Manager, Dvoinoye), the training session focused on basic communications skills with emphasis in a business environment. “Based on feedback from similar programs that Kinross has hosted for local communities, there was a desire to enhance communications skills on a professional level. We introduced and practiced three communication styles: passive, aggressive and assertive. The students were excited to apply these new skills in their daily life,” explains Katerina.

As a thank you to the Dvoinoye employees, some of the students performed an Einetkun (indigenous) folk dance. 

Young Leaders School students from Pevek visit our Dvoinoye mine site.  

Young Leaders School students performed an Einetkun folk dance for Dvoinoye employees. Pictured above Yuliya Redelina (Document Control Specialist, Translator, Dvoinoye Project) (left) and Katerina Zhukova (Acting Dvoinoye Site HR Manager) (right).