Lauréate Or : Lynda Raymond, responsable, Déploiement des opérateurs, Fort Knox

Gold Laureate: 
Lynda Raymond, 
Manager, Operator Deployment, Fort Knox

Since joining the Fort Knox team, Lynda has been instrumental in improving performance and reducing costs throughout the mine. As the operator deployment manager, she must ensure that her team works effectively by optimizing the available equipment.

In 2017, his team moved more than 22 million tonnes – the highest volume of the year, all teams combined, with a greater average distance traveled than the other three teams on the site. His team recorded a cost per tonne 8 to 9% lower than the other three teams, which resulted in savings of $ 2 million in one year.

After an analysis of the solid balance sheet of his team, it emerged that Lynda had played a key role in achieving such results because of its strategic deployment system. This includes its approach to optimize equipment, fleet allocation, and even the importance it attaches to break times that need to be timely and appropriate durations. She has developed good practices that she communicates to other operators responsible for deploying operators in Fort Knox. Thus, she has established herself as a reference for her colleagues.

As a result, by the end of 2018, the teams saved $ 4.5 million by applying the Lynda-designed deployment system.

“Lynda is the most successful deployment manager on my team,” said Randy Brown , deployment team leader, Fort Knox . “Lynda consistently finds new efficiencies for strong results. Moreover, the safety of his team remains the top priority in his daily work. “

In 2019, Lynda was seconded from the top performing team to be assigned to the worst-performing team at Fort Knox, with the goal of establishing good practice and changing the situation. In the space of three months, his team was at the head of the mine in terms of volume moved in tonnes and costs per tonne!

“Lynda’s dedication is unparalleled. Of determined and applied nature, she knows how to communicate her enthusiasm to her colleagues. We are lucky to have someone like Lynda on our team, “said a member of the team.

Lynda and colleagues at Fort Knox

Lynda is working to solve a problem

Lynda at her desk