Paracatu organise une simulation d’urgence pour les communautés

As part of our comprehensive tailings management approach, Kinross Paracatu recently conducted an emergency simulation in collaboration with the civilian defense and local emergency response teams. This simulation was intended for the four neighboring communities in case of failure of the dam.

More than 250 people participated in this two-day event. It included evacuation training, medical triage awareness, real-time simulations, and open discussion sessions with emergency response teams, staff, and community members.

“I feel safer in my community after participating in this exercise organized by Kinross. The company did an outstanding job of teaching us safety procedures and answering all of our questions, “said one community member among the participants. 

The result ? Community members are now very familiar with the emergency procedures for our tailings management facilities. They will know how to prepare in the unlikely event that a failure occurs.

“This exercise is a perfect example of our ability to work together to keep our communities safe.” “We are very pleased that this event has attracted so many people. We received very satisfactory feedback. Moreover, we are committed to organizing new emergency simulations to enable the communities around our mine site to be well prepared, informed and familiar with the procedures in place. “

Our waste management facilities at Paracatu, like our other Kinross facilities, are designed and built to the highest technical standards. They meet and even exceed international regulatory requirements and standards of good practice.

An assessment of the tailings management facilities is conducted each year independently. Strict procedures are in place for maintenance, monitoring and emergency response, including daily checks.

The Paracatu tailings management facilities are built on the basis of an axis line. These are earthen dams with compacting and landscaping zones.

Employees at the end of their last day of emergency simulation

Employees at the beginning of the training

Community members attend the free discussion session

A community member asks a question during the free discussion session