Kinross publie le supplément au rapport 2018 sur la responsabilité sociale d’entreprise

This week we released our data supplement to the 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report , providing an update on our corporate-wide initiatives. We continue to achieve and even exceed our high CSR requirements in strategic areas, including health and safety, environmental protection and meeting our commitments to stakeholders.

Below are some key results from fiscal year 2018:

Health and security :

  • We broke a new safety record at Kinross with a reported Total Frequency Injury Rate (TFTBS) of 0.27, an 18% improvement over 2017
  • We are still among the safest companies in our industry


  • We closed the 2018 fiscal year by not recording any impact on our production as a result of our environmental performance
  • We have achieved all of our site-wide objectives for licensing, water management and concomitant rehabilitation
  • We have received third-party assessments confirming the safety of all active and inactive Kinross residue management facilities, as well as expanding our independent technical assessment in this area from one to three experts
  • We obtained the first place in the ranking on environmental transparency established by WWF Russia . This ranking focuses on the transparency and environmental management practices of Russian mining and metals companies


  • We have about 834,000 beneficiaries of community initiatives and programs launched in the sites where we are located
  • We spent $ 3 billion on local purchases, salaries, and taxes in the countries where we operate
  • We have about 94,000 stakeholders in community consultations and exchanges 
  • 98% of our staff are local residents

Governance :

  • We have risen to the top of the mining rankings in the 2018 edition of the Globe and Mail annual survey on corporate governance with a score of 92/100

“I am proud of our CSR efforts, but also of the successes made possible by our employees in 2018,” said J. Paul Rollinson , CEO . “We will continue to improve our results in the key areas of health and safety, responsible purchasing, the environment and community engagement. We will work hard to exceed Kinross’ high corporate social responsibility requirements across our operations. ”