Kinross publie son rapport 2017 sur la responsabilité sociale d’entreprise

On August 1, Kinross released its 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, a detailed analysis of progress made over the last two years to meet its commitment to responsible mining.

“As part of our approach to corporate social responsibility, we continue to promote the well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate, while protecting the surrounding environment. This includes generating lasting benefits in the countries and communities where we work, but also adopting a transparent and ethical conduct, “said J. Paul Rollinson , CEO . “The publication of this report marks the ten years of our formal reporting process on corporate social responsibility. This report provides important information about our strong balance sheet and the steps we are taking to meet our commitments as a responsible mining company. “

Click here to view the report online.

The report highlights all areas of our corporate social responsibility strategy, including health and safety, socio-economic value creation, community empowerment, environmental footprint management, mobilization of our employees, without forgetting the ethical conduct. 

Discover the four flagship projects in this area that we put forward in the Case Studies section:

Improving the lives of women and children in West Africa

Valorize indigenous culture in Russia

Protection of Paracatu’s water resources with local farmers in Brazil

Trout Unlimited Partnership with Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for Mineral Hill Rehabilitation Site Near Yellowstone National Park

In addition, we updated our Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines after conducting a cross-functional review to ensure operational accountability through relevant measures to verify performance. Click here to consult our Guiding Principles on Corporate Social Responsibility.