Bald Mountain hits an operational record

May and June were record-setting months at Bald Mountain: the site set a new all-time record for total tonnes moved for the month of May, 7.7M tonnes. The C crew night shift also set a new record of 201Kt for a 12-hour shift in June.

“It is impressive tonnage no matter where you are and am very proud of the team here at Bald Mountain. There have been challenges along the way; but each time there was a new record, the collective group saw it as an opportunity to rise above and became even more determined,” said Clint NebekerOperations Manager, Bald Mountain. “For example, the crew had a great shift in the works but ran into unexpected shovel performance issues, they didn’t think we would set a shift record – but, they could see the target within reach and really strived to make it happen.”

The site continues to improve results after initiating Continuous Improvement programs, with the second half of the year expected to be better than the first.

In Q2 2016, the site’s production increased compared with Q1 2016 mainly as a result of an increase in ore mined and processed.

Congratulations to Bald Mountain!

The record-setting shift team