Caretada Dance Adorns the Streets of São Domingos in Brazil

Every year on the eve of June 23rd, residents of São Domingos, a neighbouring community near Paracatu, participate in a 24-hour dance celebration called caretada – a traditional Afro-Brazilian cultural expression of the remaining Quilombola people in the community. During the annual celebration, residents wear masks and colourful clothing decorated with ribbons in honour of St. John the Baptist. This year, over 150 people participated in the community celebration.

Kinross in Paracatu partnered with the Association of Residents of São Domingos to develop “From generation to generation” – a project that captures the history of the São Domingos community. The project’s objective is to celebrate and help preserve the local culture of the different generations that make up the community. It includes workshops, community events, and creating a DVD to capture the scope of the project. 

São Domingos residents celebrate the annual caretada festival. 

São Domingos´ residents wearing masks produced in partnership with Kinross Paracatu´s social program.