Chirano donates US$78,000 to protect community against COVID-19

Chirano has donated US$78,000 worth of assistance towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the Western North region of Ghana where it operates.

This donation will provide US$45,000 worth of medical supplies and personal protective equipment to the Paboase and Akoti/Etwebo communities surrounding the mine.

The Community Relations team at Chirano has worked closely with health authorities and Chiefs from the region to understand the needs of the communities and to help find solutions. The donations include facemasks, face shields, hand sanitizers, and equipment to maintain adequate levels of sanitation in the community.

In addition to the donation, Chirano has arranged for crews to sanitize every building in all 13 communities that fall within the immediate catchment area of the mine.

“Our team at Chirano has done an outstanding job at working together to protect our people and our neighbours,” said Terence Watungwa, Vice-President and General Manager, Chirano. “Our commitment to working with the community and health authorities to provide aid and support has helped contain the spread of the virus in the region. Great work to all involved!”

The Community Relations team practices social distancing while delivering their donation
The Community Relations team delivers the donation to Chiefs of the Paboase community
Sanitation supplies are delivered to a local clinic