Dear Kinross, Meet Jabber

Say hello to Jabber, our new global instant messaging platform.

It’s been four years since Kinross launched instant messaging, and it just continues to gain appeal: today thousands of our employees around the world use it to connect, communicate, and share information.

Jabber is building on this momentum, and replaces our Office Communicator and Lync services. In addition to being a desktop instant messaging service, Jabber also offers:

  • A mobile device messaging service for iPhone and Android devices
  • Integration with our WebEx audio and web meeting platform
  • Integration with our telephony and videoconferencing infrastructure

The Jabber global deployment began Friday, November 14th – watch for it to be installed on your computer (Office Communicator or Lync will be removed.) This is an automatic process, however your IT support team will reach out to you if your computer fails to receive the installation automatically.

When you first receive Jabber, you may notice that some of your colleagues appear “offline”.  As more and more of our workstations receive the new client, more and more of your colleagues will come “online”.

Stay tuned for a training invitation from your local IT team.

Questions? Contact Aaron Alton (Manager, IT Infrastructure, Toronto), JT Pearson (Manager, IT Client Services, Toronto), or a member of your local IT service team.