Fort Knox employees receive Red Cross safety honours

Congratulations to Josh Fedelem and Ashley Wages, Mine Rescue Coordinators, at Fort Knox who have been named “2016 Workplace Safety Real Heroes” by the American Red Cross of Alaska.

Josh and Ashley have worked at Fort Knox for the last three years and received their medals of honour at the 16th annual Real Heroes breakfast at the end of April. Both employees are on-site paramedics who also train other employees in emergency services and rescues.

“We have 700 employees and 200 contractors to keep safe at all times. And as Fort Knox is in a remote location, about 30 minutes from the nearest health centre, it is important that there is an on-site team that knows what to do if an emergency happens,” said Keith Arens, Health & Safety Supervisor, Fort Knox. “Josh and Ashley train other staff on how to respond in the worst case scenarios like fires, emergencies and car accidents. These are life-saving actions and I am thrilled that they have been recognized for the work that they do.”

Ashley Wages and Josh Fedelem, Mine Rescue Coordinators, Fort Knox with their “2016 Workplace Safety Real Heroes” medals