Fort Knox hosts Youth Safety Day and provides bike helmets

Last month, Fort Knox hosted a Youth Safety Day in Fairbanks to raise awareness for health and safety hazards that can affect youth.

Youth Safety Day is the largest youth safety event in Alaska and attracted over 1,700 participants from across the state! During the day, Fort Knox and the Volunteers in Policing Association teamed up to provide bike helmets for each youth attendee, who also participated in safety workshops and educational seminars.

The event had something for everyone, ranging from balloon artists and face painting for the younger students, to medical training and road safety for older students.

Local Emergency Responders and the Fort Knox Emergency Response Team attended the event and taught CPR to students to equip them with skills in case they need to help someone experiencing a life-threatening emergency.

“This was Kinross’ first year hosting the Youth Safety Day and the turnout was outstanding!” said Keith Arens, Health and Safety Manager, Fort Knox. “As a good corporate citizen, it is important for us to use our knowledge and resources to teach children in the Fairbanks community life-saving skills that will keep them, and those around them, safe.”  

Jim Banning, Site Controller, Fort Knox (left), and Stacie Minton, Accounting Technician, Fort Knox (right), stand outside the auditorium where the Youth Safety Day banner hangs. 

Josh Beck, HR Administrative Assistant, Fort Knox, fits a helmet on a child participant 

Ben Wilkerson, IT Technician, Fort Knox, attends Youth Safety Day with his daughter

The auditorium