Geology battle of the brains in Russia

It was a battle of the top geology brains as students from across Russia took part in a Kinross- sponsored geology competition in March at the Moscow State University.

Organized by the University’s faculty of geology and the Moscow Department of Education, this year’s competition brought more than four hundred and fifty students from fifteen different regions in Russia between the ages of 8 and sixteen.

It wasn’t an easy competition. There were geology and mineralogy quizzes, essays and even a laboratory component that put the students’ skills to the test. Fourteen-year-old Maria Kisleva came in first place overall. The winning students received prizes such as microscopes, geological hammers and flashlights donated by Kinross.

Stanislav Borodyuk, Director, Government Relation & Public Affairs, Moscow, said: “The future of our industry is with these students and it is important to encourage and inspire an interest in geology and teach them about career opportunities. It is an exciting profession and we are proud to have supported this event for the last 6 years”.  

Inside the classroom at the geology competition

The first place winner Maria Kiseleva with Stanislav Borodyuk, Director, Government Relation & Public Affairs, Moscow

The miners of tomorrow

During the geology test