Kettle River-Buckhorn wins 2017 NMA safety award

Congratulations Kettle River-Buckhorn, which recently received the prestigious ‘Sentinels of Safety Award’ in the Small Underground Metals Group from the National Mining Association (NMA).

“This is a great accomplishment and we are proud to be accepting this award for the third time. At Kettle River-Buckhorn, our goal is not merely production, but SAFE production. Keeping our people safe is paramount,” said Mark Ioli, Vice-President and General Manager, Kettle River-Buckhorn. “This award demonstrates our commitment to safety and encourages us to continue reinforcing safety standards and protocols across our site and our Company.”

Sentinels of Safety is awarded to the U.S.’s safest mines that report a minimum of 4,000 injury-free hours at site, no medical treatment cases and no lost time injuries.

The award is approximately 90 years old and is considered the most prestigious safety award in the U.S. mining industry.

“This award demonstrates the high-standards at our operation and is a testament to the level of safety achieved by the Kettle River-Buckhorn team,” said Ivan Brown, Safety Superintendent, Kettle River-Buckhorn. “Our motto has long been, ‘No job is so important, and no directive is so urgent, that we cannot perform our work in a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly manner,’ this shows that everyone believes in the culture.”

“Congratulations to Kettle River-Buckhorn on this important accomplishment,” said Hal Quinn, President & CEO, National Mining Association. “We applaud Kinross’ dedication to the safety of the most important resource in our industry, our people.”

An awards gala will take place late September in Washington, DC, to honour winners of the 2017 Sentinels of Safety Award. Kettle River-Buckhorn previously won the award in 2005 and 2006 for the K2 mine.

The Kettle River-Buckhorn motto located outside the entrance to the mine, reminding employees of our commitment to safety at work.