Kinross Chile Organizes Free Piano Concert with Roberto Bravo

Kinross partnered with the Regional Council for the Arts and Culture of Atacama to sponsor a free concert with famed Chilean pianist Roberto Bravo in early August. Bravo played to a packed house of 900 at the Atacama Cultural Center in Copiapo. The performance was also broadcasted to communities in Chile’s northern Atacama region on Nostalgica FM radio.

Recognized on the international stage as one of Latin America’s greatest musical talents, Bravo’s set included works from Latin American and classical composers, and ended with a performance of “Luchín” by renowned Chilean composer and singer Víctor Jara.

 This concert is also available on YouTube

Chilean pianist Roberto Bravo. 

Pablo Albornoz (Supply Chain Manager) presents Roberto Bravo with a plaque. 

From left to right: Chilean pianist Roberto Bravo, Catisis Alcota Lobos (Regional Director of Culture, Regional Council for the Arts and Culture of Atacama) and Pablo Albornoz (Supply Chain Manager).