Kinross Chile wins Company of the Year in the Atacama

Kinross Chile was recently named “2018 Company of the Year in the Atacama” by Corproa, a non-profit dedicated to promoting public and private development of the region.

This award honours companies or institutions that provide meaningful contributions to the social, cultural and economic development of the Atacama region.

Kinross Chile was recognized for their efforts to promote development of the Atacama through projects such as La Coipa Phase 7 and various cultural, education and community programs.

Rodrigo Moscoso, General Manager, Chile, accepted the award at Corproa’s annual awards dinner.

“Accepting this award is an honour. At Kinross our mission is to contribute to the development of the region through mining but also through contributions to improve the culture, education and community dialogue,” said Rodrigo. “We want to continue down this path and this award gives us the ability to do so with enthusiasm and optimism.”

Daniel Llorente, President of CORPROA, Claudio Ahumada, Exploration Manager, Ximena Matas, Legal Director, Rodrigo Moscoso, General Manager, Pablo Albornoz, Administration Manager, Mai Nie Chang, Member of Leaders Women of America, at the awards gala 

Rodrigo Moscoso, General Manager, Chile, speaks at the gala