Kinross holds community consultations for development projects in Alaska, Chile and Russia

At Kinross, we believe in generating sustainable value in our host communities and striving to create positive economic and social benefits. By engaging with our stakeholders, we can understand how our operations impact their communities, and work together to find ways to use our resources to provide a lasting positive impact .

In order to achieve these goals, we begin consultations with our host communities at the start of our mine plans. Check out how our projects teams are working with host communities in Alaska, Chile and Russia. 

Manh Choh, Alaska

In Q2 2021, Kinross held community consultations relating to its Manh Choh project in Alaska in the Northway, Mentasta Lake and Tanacross communities where they provided information on project timeline, employment opportunities and reclamation plans. The team had open conversations with the communities on their concerns, and how they can work together to have a successful, mutually beneficial relationship. At the end of the sessions, we received positive feedback and an agreement to work together in the future.

The team later met with the Tetlin Village Council where they discussed the local training and hiring process, and took the Chief and his council on a site tour of the project to provide a visual overview and to hear their feedback.

The team also held a barbecue in the Tok, Delta and Fox communities that brought together Kinross representatives across all departments and over 270 community members to meet one another, learn more about the industry and build a strong connection between ourselves and our new neighbours.

Kinross Representatives have a round table discussion with community members from the Northway village
Kinross representatives with members of the Tetlin Village Council in Tok, Alaska

Kinross Chile (La Coipa, Maricunga and Lobo Marte)

At Kinross Chile, plans for community consultations are ongoing as the community relations teams observe COVID-19 restrictions and maintain health and safety best practices.

Over the years, Kinross has maintained a strong relationship with stakeholders surrounding our Chilean operations including consultations with six indigenous communities. Through the Lobo-Marte planning in 2009, and La Coipa  planning in 2015, the teams focused on social, cultural, environmental, and economic development planning.

Kinross has strengthened their relationship with the communities by building on trust and respect, specifically through cultural traditions and best practices during consultations.

Representatives from Kinross Chile meet with community members during the La Coipa Phase 7 planning, pre COVID-19

Chulbatkan, Russia

Earlier this year, Kinross representatives visited the Polina Osipenko District near Chulbatkan to meet with the district head and heads of other surrounding communities. The team toured the region to gain a better understanding of the community, and met with various stakeholders to further develop their relationships.

Kinross’ team is planning to conduct a socio-economic study of the region to better understand the needs of the community and determine future projects to assist the community and the sustainable development of the regions.

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