Kinross hosts joint Asset Management – Supply Chain conference

Kinross recently hosted an inter-disciplinary conference with Supply Chain and Maintenance teams from around the company. The teams work closely on a day-to-day basis and saw benefits in coming together to discuss challenges, share strategies and find improvement opportunities to build a more connected Kinross. 

Over the course of the week, employees participated in a combination of workshops, site shares, and team-building exercises to further align the groups and strengthen their relationships.

Paul Tomory, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer, Hélène Timpano, Senior Vice-President, Operations, Andreas Mittler, Senior Vice-President, West Africa Operations, Mike Sylvestre, Senior Vice-President, Americas Operations, and Laurence Davies, Vice-President, Finance, Operations and Projects, spoke at the conference to discuss Kinross’ progress and how the teams can work together to achieve success in the coming years.

The teams established three priorities to focus on to maximize efficiency and cash flow:

  1. Common Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s): share common goals between the two groups
  2. Inventory Management Optimization: Identify and divest obsolete inventory –  implement a standardized process to ensure we are efficient with supplies
  3. Regional Procurement in Americas: Share sourcing and contracting within US sites to generate value, increase cash flow and increase efficiencies

To conclude the conference, the Maintenance team presented the 2018 Kinross Asset Management Excellence (KAMEX) award to Kupol’s Maintenance Processing department for most improved maintenance practices while maintaining operational strength and availability in the mill. Paracatu’s Mobile Maintenance team was the silver recipient and Fort Knox’s Mobile Maintenance team received the bronze.

Maintenance team members at the conference

Supply Chain team members at the conference
Kupol employees accepted the KAMEX award at the conference. From left to right: Emilio Sarno Severi, Director, Global Maintenance, Toronto, Jaylem Manhas, Site Services Superintendent, Kupol, Jack Hendrickson, Mobile Equipment Asset Manager, Kupol, and Paul Tomory, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer
Employees work together during a round table discussion