Kinross in the Spotlight at Mauritania’s National Mining Conference

Quick Fact: Tasiast is one of Mauritania’s largest private employers with 2,800 onsite employees* – of which 90% are Mauritanian.

Kinross was in the spotlight in October at Mauritanides – the country’s third large-scale mining and oil conference. Our presence during the event was part of a broad local campaign to promote Kinross, and included a keynote presentation by Patrick Hickey (Regional Vice-President, Africa), a gala dinner attended by more than 350 high-ranking guests including the Minister of Mines, the Minister of the Environment, representatives of the National Assembly and other officials, as well as a prominent booth display that was visited by Mauritania’s President.

The President of Mauritania (center) visits Kinross’ booth at Mauritanides

Patrick’s keynote outlined the significant investment Kinross has made in Mauritania, and the sizeable impact a future expansion could have in the country.

Kinross Tasiast has spent $850 million to a network of 600+ suppliers and contractors,” he said. “It’s a fact that natural resource development can be a game-changer when it comes to creating jobs and opportunity, and Mauritania has committed to that development for the betterment of its people. While the drop in the gold price poses many challenges, our team at Tasiast is focused on finding innovative ways to run an economically-sustainable business. This is truly a team effort, where success means all of us working together for the benefit of the company, our employees, and this country.”

Patrick Hickey (Regional Vice-President, Africa) presents at Mauritanides.


During another presentation, Jean-François Orru (Director, External Affairs, Africa) said that, “An expansion at Tasiast has the potential to not only create a world-class asset and a pillar of future growth for Kinross, but also to make a significant contribution to the economy of Mauritania. Fulfilling the goals of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy through our ongoing commitment to communities is critical. In 2012-13 our CR programs aided more than 100,000 beneficiaries through health programs (mobile clinics and medical equipment), water supply programs, veterinary care, adult training courses, and initiatives to support local businesses.

Ba Dieynaba (Corporate Responsibility Team Member, Kinross Tasiast), with a local child at the launch of our mobile clinic program.

In Q1 2015, Kinross expects to announce whether the Company will move forward with an expansion project. This decision is subject to a number of factors, including securing favorable investment conditions in Mauritania, financing options, and the price of gold.

*including contractors


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