Kinross launches 2019 Sustainability Report!

This week, we launched our 2019 Sustainability Report highlighting our progress over the past two years in delivering on our commitment to responsible mining.

The Report provides a transparent account of our sustainability performance, including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) activities, and an in-depth review of Kinross’ relationships with host communities, workforce and host governments.

“Kinross’ commitment to safety and sustainability is deeply rooted in our values and culture,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President and CEO. “Our safety performance remains among the best in the industry and on par with, or better than that of companies in non-industrial sectors. We continue to prioritize health and safety and environmental stewardship, as well as providing sustainable benefits to the communities where we operate, with over $3.4 billion spent in our host countries in 2019 through taxes, wages, procurement and community support.”

The Report is structured in line with our Safety and Sustainability policy and First Priorities: do no harm to people, the environment and communities; make a positive contribution for all stakeholders, and; act ethically and transparently.

Learn more about the report by reading our news release here.