Kinross receives top environment award at MINEX Russia 2017

In October, Kinross Russia attended the 13th annual Russia Mining and Exploration Forum (MINEX Russia) in Moscow and received a prestigious environmental award.

Our Kupol mine received the Mining Excellence Award for the “Environmental Project of the Year” category, a top award in Russia’s mining industry, for its filter cake plant.

Kupol launched the filter cake plant earlier this year, an innovation that will reduce fresh water consumption by 85 per cent and will make the useful capacity of the tailings storage facility 30 per cent more efficient.

“The recognition we received is another example of Kinross’ environmental commitment to its operations in Russia and of the high standards we promote and adhere to,” said Claude Schimper, Regional Vice-President, Russia.

Oksana Chernova, Data Entry Specialist, Kupol, also won an award for a photo she took in the “Proud to be a Miner” category.

At MINEX Russia, Viktor Silin, Environmental Manager, Kupol, spoke about the filter cake plant and David Whittle, Deputy General Manager, Kupol, provided an update about our Kupol and Dvoinoye operations.

The three-day forum brought together over 500 managers and specialists from Russian and international companies to participate in a discussion on growth opportunities in Russia’s mining industry.

Congratulations to our colleagues in Russia on this great recognition!

Viktor Silin, Environmental Manager, Kupol, receiving the ‘Environmental Project of the Year’ award

David Whittle, Deputy General Manager, Kupol, presenting on the topic ‘Investing in Russia’s Far East’

At the booth from left to right: Stanislav Borodyuk, Vice-President and Head of Moscow Representative Office, Alexandra Chinenova, Legal Counsel, Olesya Shakirova, Executive Assistant, Vasiliy Kurashko, Exploration Chief Geologist, Alexander Zinkevich, Geologist, Viktor Silin, Environmental Manager, Olga Gorbatyuk, Legal Counsel

The filter cake plant at Kupol