Kinross releases 2017 Corporate Responsibility report

On August 1st, we launched our 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report, an in-depth review of our CR progress over the past two years in delivering on our commitment to responsible mining.

“Our approach to CR continues to focus on the well-being of our employees, host communities and surrounding environment, which includes generating sustainable benefits in the host countries and communities where we operate, and acting ethically and transparently,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO. “This report, which marks ten years of our formal CR reporting, provides important details about our strong performance and the measures we take to ensure we meet our commitments as a leading responsible mining company.”

Click here to view the online report.

The report highlights all areas of our CR strategy including health and safety, generating socio-economic value, empowering communities, managing our environmental footprint, engaging our workforce and ethical conduct.

Check out the four key CR projects we highlight in our Case Studies section:

Improving the Lives of Women and Children in West Africa

Strengthening Indigenous Culture in Russia

Paracatu Water Resource Protection with Local Farmers in Brazil

Trout Unlimited and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Partnership at Mineral Hill Reclamation Site near Yellowstone National Park

We also updated our Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility after a cross-discipline review to ensure there is operational accountability through relevant metrics that track performance. Click here to see our Guiding Principles for Corporate Responsibility.