Kinross sponsors student mining challenge

Kinross was the title sponsor and judge for the first-ever Goodman Gold Challenge at Laurentian University, an international mining investment competition for students that was held at the end of February.

With the goal of helping support the education and development of future mining industry professionals, six teams from different universities in Ontario, Québec and the United States competed in Sudbury, a town in northern Ontario, Canada.

The student teams were given a set of three real companies and asked to recommend one as the preferred investment to a hypothetical client. The students did their own review of public information and were given a chance to meet with members of the actual management teams of each company.

After thorough analysis, each team recommended which company they thought would best fit a client’s investment objectives.

In addition to Kinross’ financial support, Drew Barr, Senior Manager, Corporate Development, attended the competition as a member of the judging panel.

The competition helped bring what the students are learning in the classroom to life through this real-world exercise.

Differing from traditional paper-based case studies, the competition offered a hands-on experience taken straight from the mining investment industry.

“I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the presentations and the tremendous amount of work from all of the teams. Each team developed their own unique approach to reviewing the opportunities and it was really tough for the judges to pick a winner. I hope that the event helped encourage and inspire the next generation of mining professionals,” said Drew.

Drew Barr, Senior Manager, Corporate Development, (right) analyzes the students’ proposals

At the awards dinner on the final evening

The students and judges, including Drew Barr (back row, fourth from the right)