Mauritanian president visits Kinross booth at conference

The Kinross Tasiast expansion plans were front and centre at ‘Mauritanides’, the fourth annual Mauritanian mining, oil and gas conference, held in Nouakchott in mid-October.

Delegates from over 20 countries came to the region to discuss investments in the resources industry in the country. The Tasiast Phase One expansion plan was a highlight of the convention.

There was a special visit to the Kinross booth by Mauritanian President, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. He was greeted by Mike Sylvestre, Regional Vice-President, Africa and Guy Bourassa, Project Director, Tasiast, who described and discussed the expansion plans with the President.

The Kinross booth included a video about the Phase One expansion with a 3D mock-up of the construction plans. The project was seen as a positive, with in-country benefits such as job creation, tax contributions and community investment.

Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz (centre) at the Kinross booth watching the expansion video with President Mike Sylvestre, Regional Vice-President, Africa (left) with Guy Bourassa, Project Director, Tasiast

“The conference was a great opportunity to share our development plans with a broad audience in Mauritania,” said Mike Sylvestre, Regional Vice-President, Africa. “The two-phase expansion project is a key element in our strategy to make the Tasiast mine viable and sustainable in the long term, in addition to our ongoing program for improving operations and reducing costs.”

At the Kinross booth (from left to right): Jean Felix-Paganon, Country Manager for Mauritania, Melainine Tomy, Vice-President, External Affairs, Mike Sylvestre, Regional Vice-President, Africa, Guy Bourassa, Tasiast Project Director and Yacoub Coulibaly, Internal Communications Officer