Meet this week’s COVID-19 Champions from Magadan!

In mid-May, we launched the COVID-19 Champions program as a global employee recognition initiative dedicated to celebrating those who are making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic by finding innovative ways to support their colleagues, the Company and the community.

The program aims to recognize employees who are going above and beyond to make a positive contribution in the areas of health and safety, innovation, community support and increasing team morale.

This week, we recognize eight winners from our regional office in Magadan who provided support to employees undergoing observation during the pandemic despite the increased risk of contracting COVID-19.

Congratulations to drivers Mikhail Artyukhov, Dmitry Bodnar, Fedor Demin, Nikolay Zvonov, Sergey Melnikov, Vladislav Chukseev, and Dmitry Gorbik, Deputy Head of Transporation, and Sergey Pinchuk, Head of Transporation, Magadan.    

When Magadan entered a lockdown in March, several businesses and services closed their doors, creating a challenge for employees undergoing observation to access supplies and transportation. Our drivers from the Magadan office stepped up and offered assistance by transporting employees arriving from site, to and from observation centres and medical facilities. The drivers even took on the responsibility of delivering meals to isolating employees three times per day.

The drivers were on the front lines, servicing on average 50 employees per day and maintained a safe and healthy workforce for themselves and the employees they were transporting.

“A big thank you to our Magadan drivers who put the health and safety of their peers before their own while providing support during an uncertain time,” said Marina Ivanova, HR Director. “We are lucky to have such an outstanding group of men on our team who have made a significant contribution to combatting this pandemic.”

The drivers outside one of their trucks.
From left to right: Nikolay Zvonov, Fedor Demin, Dmitry Gorbik, Dmitry Bodnar, Vlad Chukseev, and Sergey Pinchuk.
Nikolay Zvonov prepares to deliver food to one of the isolation centres. Nikolay is a 25-year veteran of Kinross!
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