Online safety and cyber security tips

The Kinross CyberSecurity team recently launched a new security training initiative to boost our online intelligence both at work and at home.

While often overlooked, cyber safety is integral to safeguard against online hazards such as e-mail scams, phishing and compromised WiFi to access your personal data.

“It’s important to be cognizant of online security in our work and personal lives,” said Sura Alshear, IT Security Manager. “Our day-to-day e-mail and internet use could potentially compromise data, and education is the best way to prevent any potential issues.”

The campaign includes expert tips and tricks, including how to safety work remotely on the web.

Some of the tips include using technical and physical safeguards such as:

Enabling security features
Activate firewalls, anti-virus and wireless encryption. Password-protect all personal and business devices and systems.

Using complex and unique passwords
Use complex and unique passwords on different personal and business accounts.

Using a secure private network
Avoid taking sensitive files outside the office. If you must access confidential data remotely, use a remote access VPN solution.

Maintaining separation
Do not allow children, family or friends to use business devices for personal activities.

Another tip is to be careful of WiFi networks that say they are “official”. Scammers can use any name that they want and often intentionally set up malicious networks near legitimate WiFi hot spots to trick users. It’s always a good idea to ask before connecting.