Paracatu holds community safety drills

Paracatu recently held a series of emergency safety drill training simulations with three local communities at the end of November.

The emergency simulation tests communities that surround the mine and were conducted in joint partnership with the local government, civil defense, fire department and the military police to ensure that everyone worked together.

Paracatu and local authorities held many meetings to ensure the communities were prepared, as the drills included evacuating neighbourhoods just as if an emergency was occurring and involved around 400 people.

“The drills show our commitment to safety, community and the environment. A lot of community work was done beforehand to find times that were convenient for families in the towns. We didn’t want any part of this to come as a surprise,” said Ana Maria Ferreira CunhaCommunications and Community Manager, Paracatu.  

“Emergency training is the best way possible to be prepared for any situation. The simulation is important because the more we train, the more aware of the risks we are. We were a part of the project from the beginning,” said Sergeant Augusto Cunha, Paracatu Fire Department.

“Feedback from the community has been positive. They’re glad we are planning ahead in the case of an emergency. But, of course, hopefully, we will never have to use these procedures,” said Ana. “These drills shows how we take real action when it comes to improving safety, and its success shows how we are able to work and strengthen relationships with local communities.”

Out in the community

The safety drill team

Employees explaining emergency procedures to community members