Paracatu hosts ‘Integrar in the Square’ for the community

Our team at Paracatu recently brought the local community together for ‘Integrar in the Square,’ a weekend long festival with activities for all ages.

Over 6,000 people attended the event, where they could participate in educational, environmental and cultural activities, as well as entrepreneurship and small business venture sessions.

The event was attended by employees and senior members of Kinross Paracatu, the mayor’s office, and athletes and artists who shared their knowledge and experience at various booths at the festival.

While the weekend was packed with events geared towards youth, the night brought together an adult crowd for a free concert by the band Melim, a popular trio in Brazil!

“Integrar in the Square is a great opportunity to bring the community together for a weekend filled with activities and memories,” said Ana Cuna, Corporate Affairs Manager, Paracatu. “Twice a year, we put on this special event to showcase our initiatives in education, culture and environmental stewardship in Paracatu, while building relationships with our neighbours.”

The Integrar program began in 2011 and focuses primarily on youth, education and supporting the local community.

The band ‘Melim’ performs at Integrar in the Square

The crowd gathers for the concert

Children practice their arts and crafts at a workshop 

Adults gather for a ‘small business ventures’ seminar at night

A daytime activity during the festival