Paracatu receives the first international award for best practices from INAP

Congratulations to Paracatu on receiving the inaugural global award from the International Network for Acid Prevention (INAP) for their implementation of best practices in the identification, planning and management of potentially reactive geologic materials on site.

Some examples of the best practices recognized to receive this award include:

  • Development and implementation of a mine-planning model to control and effectively manage ore that could potentially cause acid rock drainage (ARD).
  • Maintenance of more than 100 water-quality monitoring stations to ensure water quality  meets Brazilian standards.
  • Construction of specific disposal tanks and establishing formal criteria for the final tailings to substantially reduce the risk of ARD and ensure high water quality. 

“To receive the inaugural international award for best practices by INAP is truly an honour. This award shows our commitment and dedication to operating safely and protecting the environment at Paracatu,” said Alessandro Nepomuceno, Environmental Director, Paracatu. “We are thrilled to see our efforts recognized by such a notable organization!”

INAP is an industry-led group that promotes effective management of potentially reactive geologic materials through the development of best practice guidance, support for research, information dissemination and recognition of mining companies that have implemented best practices to prevent and manage ARD.

Environmental monitoring on site at Paracatu

An employee monitors water quality at Paracatu