Paracatu Safety Milestones: Two accomplishments to celebrate

Congratulations to our Paracatu mine for achieving two incredible safety milestones: our chemical laboratory team celebrated 28 years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) and the entire mine just reached 5 million hours worked without an LTI.

The chemical laboratory team, which currently has 49 employees, met recently to celebrate the accomplishment and discuss the personal attention they pay to safety and how important it is to their collective identity.

“The commitment to safety goes beyond obligation. Our employees understand the value of life. They strive to deliver results but not at any cost. Health and safety trump everything else,” said Rodrigo Gomides, Senior Manager of Industrial Maintenance.

A video tribute to the team, made with the participation of many employees and their families, was also screened. (Watch here: – in Portuguese)

The Senior Management Team also sent its congratulations to Paracatu. “This achievement not only confirms Paracatu’s commitment to safety but also proves that the team can achieve the targets they set for themselves,” says Warwick Morley-Jepson, Chief Operating Officer.

The chemical lab team discusses… 

….and celebrates its amazing achievement!