Philharmonic Orchestra kicks off Paracatu’s Cultural Festival

In July, the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the top orchestras in Brazil, visited Paracatu to celebrate the city’s fourth annual Cultural Festival.

Hosted by Kinross Paracatu, this was the orchestra’s first time performing in the city, where they drew a crowd of about 4,100 people. The 90 international musicians who make up the orchestra played a variety of music at the outdoor concert that kicked off the nine-day cultural festival.

To promote the festival, Kinross Paracatu created some real buzz by setting up large colourful instruments throughout the city weeks in advance. Residents were asked to snap photos and post them online using the hashtag #filarmonicaMGemParacatu which translates to ‘Philharmonic Minas Gerais Paracatu’.

“Having the orchestra in town was a big honour and really brought the community together. The crowd was engaged and it was a magical performance and we are proud to have hosted the orchestra here. The large turnout really shows how cultural activities can foster a sense of pride and community,” said Ana Maria Ferreira Cunha, Communications and Community Manager, Paracatu.

The crowd outside the festival

The orchestra performing

A large cello in the streets of Paracatu to help create buzz for the orchestra. The large colourful instruments were such a hit that the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra asked to take one with them as a remembrance.

Employees at the concert