Pilgrimage to Mecca: Kinross Offers 10 Employees a Life-Changing Journey

“I cannot find words to describe my feelings: this has been the most important event in my life. Going on pilgrimage for me and any Muslim is not a small matter, and it has been a life-long dream for me. I am very grateful to the company for this opportunity – it is the best thing that has ever been done for Tasiast national employees.” (Sidi Mohamed Mohamed Elguasri, Mine Supervisor, Tasiast)

The Muslim religion is a huge part of our culture at Tasiast: we built a mosque that can accommodate everyone at site, prayer rituals happen like clockwork five times per day, dietary restrictions are respected in our onsite cafeteria, and every Friday all of our employees gather for Congregation Prayer – the single most important weekly religious prayer event for Muslims. Every Friday our Tasiast employees are given an additional one-hour break to attend this event.

The mosque at Tasiast

Hear the Call to Prayer: Muslim employees are called to prayer five times a day at Tasiast via loud-speaker announcements that can be heard throughout the mine site. Click here to listen to what that prayer call sounds like on a typical day.

A Life-Changing Journey

For Muslims, the pilgrimage to Mecca* is one of the most significant expressions of their faith. It attracts millions each year, and is a mandatory religious duty for all who are physically and financially able. Making the pilgrimage is a dream for our Mauritanian employees, but many cannot afford the expense of the trip.

The Hajj 2014 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia   (Photo Credit: www.sarainternationaltravel.com)

Enter Kinross.

In the spirit of living our value of putting people first, we are committed to helping send our Mauritanian employees on pilgrimage: in 2012, we sent six employees – in 2013, we sent eight.

This year ten were given the chance to participate.

The selection process was carefully controlled to ensure fairness: a random draw took place at the Tasiast Human Resources office, with union representatives and other personnel in attendance. Ten lucky employees were selected, and Moussa Sow (Driller) was one of them.

“I never thought that a simple employee like me would be given a chance like this,” said Moussa. “Kinross has proven to be a trustworthy company that cares for all of its employees without discrimination or segregation. This pilgrimage was life-changing.”

Pictured below: the ten Tasiast employees selected to make the 2014 pilgrimage to Mecca:

Amar Ahmed Deyna (Continuous Improvement)
Saleck Mohamed Salem Abak (Plant Operator Trainee)
Mohamed Saleck Yahya El Gharabi (Senior Supervising Geologist)
Sidi Mohamed Mohamed Elguasri (Mine Supervisor)
Monack Maouloud Boubou (Exploration Technician)
Boubekrin Mohamed Semette (Driller)
Moussa Mamadou Sow (Driller)
Hamady Moussa Diaw (Operator)
Yacoube Abeidy Gharabi (Pit Technician)
Hasni Medsalem Hjour (Operator)


* “At least once in his or her lifetime, each Muslim is expected to undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca, the sacred city of Islam. This holy journey is called the hajj in Arabic.” (Source: www.religionfacts.com) 
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