Kinross Round Mountain implements new mobile data capture solution

Round Mountain recently partnered with acQuire, a geoscience data management software company in the mining industry, to develop a new mobile data capture application which will improve their current process for blasthole data collection.

The partnership came about when the Round Mountain data systems team discovered a need to improve their blasthole data handling practices. In the past, data was recorded using a combination of offline-workflows and paper logs, which created challenges such as connectivity issues in the pit, errors from transcribing handwritten logs, and long wait times for data availability.

To address these issues, the Round Mountain team worked with acQuire to develop a new data entry mobile application for collecting blasthole data. This was an excellent opportunity for Kinross and acQuire to gain a better understanding of the mine’s needs, and use the app in a real-world environment to identify areas of improvement.

The results of the app provided Round Mountain with numerous efficiencies including:   

  • Offline working in the pit with seamless synchronization back to the server once network connectivity is established
  • Maps of blast patterns within the interface to identify which holes have been logged
  • Responsive layouts to optimize screen sizes for a variety of devices
  • Accurate, efficient entry of sample IDs by using the devices’ built-in barcode scanner located in the camera 

“Working with acQuire offered a unique chance to provide feedback directly to acQuire developers regarding the design of this application. This created an opportunity for Kinross to provide insight into real-world requirements for both the application design and the user experience,” said Ian Dickie, Senior Geologist – Data Systems. “This new technology has a very user-friendly functionality and creates a smooth workflow where the benefits have optimized our ability to work efficiently, and without error. This innovation reinforces our commitment to continuous improvement and we are proud of our team and the acQuire team for their dedication to this project.”